Enjoy the Benefits of Quality Hand-Picked Publishing Teams with ReadersMagnet

When you look for a self-publishing team, it is the writer or author’s job to choose every individual responsible for the creation of the book. This is a major advantage over traditional publishing houses, where authors generally have no control over the whole publishing process. Self-publishing helps the author to hire and even fire a person not performing up to their expectations. In this way, the writer knows that the book rests in the best hands.

ReadersMagnet is a leading name in the self-publishing industry. It has helped many aspiring, and experienced writers make their dreams come true by publishing their book with a team of self-publishing professionals trained in the field.

The friendly team of experts here is proactive, and they understand every aspect of the self-publishing process well. They assist new and veteran writers seamlessly in the process and ensure all-time and budgetary considerations are successfully met.

Customized publishing guide for your book

The professionals ensure their clients get a customized publishing guide to help them through the whole process. They deal with all genres of books like romance, spirituality, self-help, fiction, etc. This means if you are an aspiring author and have no experience of the book publishing process, why waste your time convincing traditional publishing houses to give you time to consider your book for their markets. You just can sign up for self-publishing services and have complete control over the publishing process with an expert team by your side.

Choose your own market

Another big benefit of relying on self-publishing services is choosing your market and keeping all the book royalties to yourself. A traditional publishing house will have its own cuts when it comes to royalties. They will determine the market where your book will be stocked, and practically you will have no say in the whole process. This can be quite depressing and frustrating in the long run, and this is why you should rely on a good self-publishing company to keep the above woes at bay.

Bid adieu to deadlines

Traditional publishing houses generally work with a stringent timeline, or else they place your current and future contracts at risk. These deadlines can become a problem in case something crops up, and you cannot finish work on the book. With self-publishing services, the author sets the deadline and has time to finish the work at his/her own pace. In case something does crop up, the writer just needs to readjust the publishing deadlines to adapt to the situation accordingly.

ReadersMagnet makes the whole self-publishing process a seamless and smooth affair. This is why its team of proficient and highly trained professionals is reliable in the market. The experts here understand your needs and expectations as a writer. They offer you a convenient, customized publishing guide to assist you in the whole process without hassles. In this way, you can fulfill your dreams of getting your book published in any genre with a team of proactive and friendly experts by your side.