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Even Ringo Starr’s short solo career was still well received even though he really couldn’t sing and all he could do was play drums, primitively, yet still, the public went wild, simply because he was an ex Beatle. So, can we put McCartney in the same category? Obviously his previous musical history with one of the greatest bands in the world did have its advantages, and so we must then ask is it fair to say that still, Paul owes and owed in Wings, his entire career to John Lennon? I guess, he certainly did play a big part in it…and beside, they did have an enormous connection after The Beatles; they both married women how couldn’t sing a note. speed dating

In the same vein, both wives had taken fifty per cent of the credit for their husbands’ talents. Either wife did actually very little other than a few bits of percussion and backing vocals, but they were both solid Trojan horses pushing each husband from behind. Forming Wings with wife and Denny Laine, a former Moody Blues guitarist, they embarked on a quiet tour around colleges and local towns, believing that the aim was to start small. It was at this that we can see McCartney fully aware of not wanting to be seen riding on the back of the success of The Beatles, but yet, hoping, in a humbling sort of way, to be accepted and appreciated by new fans and public without listening to shouts from the crowd of ‘Where’s John?’ These small town venues were probably a wise move. The McCartney’s already professional and self promotional in their own right and each move form there on in was going to be calculated and an organised manoeuvre.


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