Why You Should Dismantle Your Furniture Before You Move (2020)

You’ve finally found your home forever, and now it’s all about moving from your old excavations to your new ones. It’s tedious to pack all your belongings, but it’s relatively easy and you can easily stack everything in your apartment. What about all your furniture?

Before you decide to move everything, make sure that everything you have, especially sturdy items such as sofas and chairs, will pass through the door, elevator or stairs of your new apartment. If not, it’s time to donate. For the rest of their stuff, you need to take everything you can apart if you want to make sure your movement is as fast and stress-free as possible.

Firms won’t move, they’ll rip my furniture

Yes. Most professional movers will dismantle your furniture … for one price. How much it will cost you will depend on the complexity of the item. Generally, local New York-moving companies pay by the hour and can certainly help you disassemble and reassemble your furniture, but that will take longer and therefore more money. The more complex the item, the longer your movement will take hours.

Of course, there are good reasons for professionals to remove your furniture. You may not want to damage your furniture by taking it apart or you may not have the necessary tools. If you are not skilled, you may not remember how to put the item together, as the guide is probably no longer available. Moving professionals will have all the necessary elements and experience to take it apart and rebuild it.

Of course, you can always disassemble things yourself if you don’t want to spend extra money and time.

Needs to be disassembled

Many items in your home are likely to contain moving or fragile items, which can be a major hazard when moving. Many parts can be disassembled as long as you have a screwdriver and maybe a wrench / pliers. While everyone’s furniture inventory is different, most people tend to have the following breakable items:

  • Beds – Bed frames tend to be quite large and often contain a lot of intricate parts. Depending on the type of frame you have, it can take several hours to disassemble. If you own something like a captain’s bed, you don’t need to separate the entire frame, but you do need to remove the drawers. For metal frames, it should be easier to dismantle the entire frame to facilitate the movement of the sections.
  • Tables – Tables are usually small enough to pass through doors, but you don’t want the drawers and sliding keyboard tray to stick out when you move around. You can use masking tape to keep the drawers and tray from sliding, but it’s easier to remove them completely.
  • Cabinets / Sideboards – Even if you have a smaller buffet, it’s a good idea to remove drawers, shelves, or other loose items. In case of mirrored cabinets, be sure to remove the mirror and pack it in bubble wrap to prevent the glass from breaking. Larger cabinets will require complete disassembly as they tend to be too tall and wide to pass through doors.
  • Tables – Generally, it’s fairly easy to separate a table as you only have to move the legs off the top. Make sure to tape the legs so they don’t get lost.

Build your own furniture – Anything you assemble yourself (like IKEA products) probably won’t travel well. For the most part, these parts are meant to be easy to assemble and disassemble, so taking them apart shouldn’t be a problem. If you lost the guide, you can always refer to the online instructions. Be sure to print it out before going inside.

To make your life easier, be sure to put all the screws and other items for each piece of furniture in a plastic bag. Then tape the bag to the furniture. That way, when you’re ready to put everything together, you won’t miss anything. You will need to start disassembling your furniture before the day you move out. Depending on the number of items you have, you may want to start a month in advance to make sure you spend the appropriate amount of time on each item. However, if you only move a few items, you can usually do them all in a week. Do not try to do everything yourself. Ask your family or friends to help you avoid harming yourself or your belongings.

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